Jan 072016


The seventh incarnation of Ignite Salem blazes into downtown for a stint at Shotski’s. Started in 2009, Ignite Salem is part of a geek event in over 100 cities worldwide. Ignite presenters share their personal and professional passions, using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds for a total of just five minutes. The topics and presentations vary widely,  giving the audience bursts of  innovative insight from multiple perspectives.

Please submit your proposal to take the stage and tell us your story. Deadline is Monday, February 1. Selected speakers will be notified with instructions by Friday, February 5. Tickets for the limited-seating, free event are available Monday, February 8.

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Oct 102014

Here’s tonight’s line up – see you 8 pm at Northern Lights!

From near:
Ross Swartzendruber – Innovating street life
Tammy McCammon – Hike Your Butt Off!
Dave Pluister – Ancora Imparo. Why we should all be Michelangelo.
Kimberly Ocupe  – Spaghetti Sauce to the Rescue
Kylie Pine – What you don’t see on the Tour
Matias Trejo –  English cultural preservation through Spanish language inclusion
Will Oberst-Cairns – Collaborating with the brewing industry
Brett Woods  – Art in Film
From far:
Damian Kulash – Not Knowing What I’m Doing
Christina Wallace My Favorite Irrational Number Phi
Tom Scott – Flash Mob Gone Wrong
Beau Cronin – Our Brilliant Annihilation
Amanda Peyton – Celebrate Your Moments of Pure Dumb Luck
Matthew Inman – How to Get 5 Million People to Read Your Website
(partially funded through City of Salem Transient Occupancy Tax)

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Sep 102014


Are you doing something everyone should know about? Share your passion at Ignite Salem 6! You’ll have five minutes and 20 images to spark our brains. Last year’s roster talked about everything from creating large-scale festivals to flying pigs, relationship management to dreaming. Get in on the fun and submit your proposal before September 30.

Ignite Salem 6 kicks off Mix-n-Mash 2014 – 3 days of innovation with art, music, fashion, video and performance.

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Nov 152013
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Singer Rich McCloud added another dimension to Ignite Salem 5 with a poignant performance for all the fellow dreamers. The message needs repeating and Rich is a skilled messenger.

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Nov 062013
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Dragging the Gut Festival (gutfest.com)  attracts thousands of visitors reliving their youth driving up and down 3rd Street every August  in McMinnville, Oregon. And it all started on Facebook when Ruben Contreras, Jr., created a group to reminisce about the 1980’s car culture. Ruben shared his story at Ignite Salem 5 and explained how social media allows event organizers to bypass traditional methods of event promotion.

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Oct 252013
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Mark Powers explains the mystery of how mankind made it this far. By stealing ideas from other people! Powers Ignite Salem 5 talk, “Stealing Like a MoFo” had the audience rolling as he laid out the simple strategy of success – Absorb, Adopt, Adapt. Thanks for giving us permission!

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Oct 222013
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When you take care of nourishing your body’s cells, everything else falls into place, like health care, relationships and world peace. That’s the message from former engineer and world traveler John Collins, who has spent the past 40 years helping people regain control of their health. With the right focus, humans can largely avoid modern-day killers like heart disease, obesity and cancer.

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Oct 212013
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A friend from Bend set a new bar for Ignite Salem talks. Impeccable timing, syncopation, a positive message and a smidgen of the absurd brought Sean Anderson right inside our heads and kept us on our toes. As director of the Poet House, Sean has practice making it seem effortless and his message about how to create flying pigs was right on target. The audience reacted warmly and we anticipate his return.

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Oct 182013
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Tammy McCammon’s Ignite Salem talk about “Chasing YES” hit on some great points but the most important was deciding to let go of past mistakes. Some people are incapable of making that step. Thanks for the gentle reminder!

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Oct 042013

Below is a list of the speakers and the titles of their talks that have been selected. Be sure to make it out and support the speakers and your community! The shows starts at 7:00 p.m. Thursday, October 10 at Northern Lights Theatre Pub. 21+ $3

Bonnie King – The New World of News Media
Steve Gehlen – How come I can shop online for a $25 – $60 t-shirt but not a $2500 – $6000 Gallbladder Removal?
Grant Huhn – Years From Now: a look into the future
Kimberly Ocupe – Why you are bored in Salem and I am not!
Tammy McCammon – Chasing “YES!”
Marian & Chris Scadden – Milk the Cow Together: Wheys to Make Your Marriage Udderly Remarkable
John Collins – Health, Redefined. Our World, Realigned.
Ruben Contreras, Jr. – Building large-scale community events
Mark Powers – Stealing like a MoFo
Ross Swartzendruber – What is Ignite?
Bob Moricz – Death to Multinational Controlled Art
Richard McCloud – Dreamer
Sean Anderson – When Pigs Fly
Bob Gerstzyn – Spiritually-charged Rock and Roll Journalism


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